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With many wooden sheds being available for purchase in pressure treated, not only could your shed require little to no maintenance, it could also have an overall increased lifespan.

Types of Sheds

Wooden Sheds

Purpose built to withstand the heavier elements of British weather, the overlap cladding and tongue and groove panels are pre-engineered to be as weather resistant as possible. This means whatever you store inside of the wooden garden sheds are sure to be protected. Furthermore, with different window options available you are able to make use of a natural source of light, essential for DIY projects, or you can be sure your belongings are out of sight by opting for windowless wooden shiplap sheds.

In addition, many of our sheds are either a pent shed or an apex shed. But what is the difference and how do you know which you require? To put it simply the words pent and apex refer to the way the roof is designed. For instance, an apex roof has two slopes that meet in the centre of the roof. Sort of like when a child draws their version of a house, a square with a triangle sitting on top. Apex roofs are a very common feature amongst garden buildings. However, for a more modern look, you may find a pent roof suits your fancy. A pent shed has one single slope, with the highest point on the same side as the door. Although stylish, a possible downside to this is that the head room inside the shed is restricted at the lowest point of the slope, it is therefore worth considering this when choosing the size of shed you are after.

Tongue & Groove Sheds

Tongue and Groove is a term we use a lot here at Garden Buildings Direct. This is as we believe tongue and groove construction is a much more substantial technique than the normal overlapping panel design. This is as it utilises thicker materials for make for a stronger unit overal. Incorporating thick panels, usually 11mm, the interlocking design also stops rainwater from entering the building.

Expert range or Master range? On first glance, the expert range and master rang may look very similar. However, when compared to each other the master range is a cheaper alternative to the expert range. This is as it does not utilise the braced double doors seen on the expert range, which makes maneuvering large objects in and out of the shed a breeze. Not only that, braced double doors also helps provide additional structural integrity to the garden shed. Furthermore, both the expert range and the master range are designed to fit any kind of garden style and also have the option of windowed or windowless. This combined with the choice of many floor and roof options, means you gain access to a large amount of freedom where you can choose whatever best suits your needs.

Overlap Garden Sheds

Overlap garden sheds refers to the cladding technique used to produce the sheds. Overlap cladding offers a solid, strong base as well as strong protection against the harsh British weather. This is due to the individual boards sitting on top of each other, also known as overlapping, which allows rain to run off the building naturally.

Storage Units

Storage sheds are an easy way of storing any items that are unable to fit inside your house. They are able to fit a large amount of items into a small amount of space. Available in many different styles, including wooden sheds, or even sentry boxes, the biggest and smallest of items will have a comfy home to reside in.

Many of our storage sheds come with the option of either windowed or windowless. This allows for added security for those who need it. This is as there can be the reassurance of knowing your belongings are out of sight. This is ideal for those storing more expensive items in an outdoor storage unit, such as using them as bike sheds or outdoor toy sheds.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are ideal for those looking for a stylish outdoor building without the need for maintenance. Metal sheds provide reassuring weather protection. They are are long lasting as they are designed using galvanised steel which helps to prevent long term issues including rust and corrosion. They come in a large array of sizes ranging from 3' x 2' up to 12' x 38'. Metal sheds are ideal for those who are looking for a more robust, long lasting shed which does not require much looking after. For more information about the advantages of galvanized steel, have a read of our blog outlining the twelve advantages purchasing a steel shed may bring you.

Plastic Sheds

It may come as no surprise to learn that plastic sheds are a great value for money solution when looking for garden storage. They are made from polycarbonate materials and are able to withstand rain and other elements of bad weather. Plastic sheds are the ideal candidate for couples, small families or new homeowners. Furthermore, they are capable of comfortably housing your outdoor furniture, barbecues or even your bikes.

Pressure Treated Sheds

In addition, most of our wooden sheds include the option of pressure treated wood. This means your shed will be likely to last slightly longer, will require less maintenance than non pressure treated sheds, and will therefore save you money in the long run. Also, pressure treated sheds can be classed as a more environmentally friendly choice which may come as a surprise. This is as preserving pressure treated wood requires less energy than other methods. Not only that, as the wood is likely to last longer, this means there is reduced strain put on forests as there is less demand for deforestation. Not to mention the fact that copper is one of the chemicals most used in pressure treatment, which is a byproduct from recycling. So by opting for pressure treated, not only are you saving your wallet in the long run, you are also helping the environment, even if only slightly!

Sheds can be used for a whole heap of reasons. Some of our favourite include home offices, gyms, cinemas, craft rooms and the traditional storage shed. Why not even try a she shed or man shed, or even better than that, your own home pub! There are many ways in which you are able to utilise sheds. By simply adding a few decorations and some items of furniture, you can create a classic appeal or a modern appeal. Why not even experiment and change the look of your shed to suit the ever-changing fashions of the modern day? In just a few simple steps you can help your shed miraculously transform from a plain, dull outdoor building to a place you can be extremely proud of whilst potentially make your friends jealous. You may even find yourself wanting to spend more time in your shed than in your actual house!

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