6 x 4

1. Customise

No Floor
Do you fancy a DIY challenge? If so, we give you the option to provide your own materials and construct a floor to your personal specification. We recommend this option for the more experienced handy man/woman only.

Economy Solid Sheet Floor

The economy option is pre-assembled, consisting of a solid sheet made-to-measure floor. The floor is made up of varying solid sheet panels, which provide a functional base for your playhouse with regular strength. This is our value finished floor, for less intense use in mind.

Standard Slatted Floor Made from separate lengths of timber, the slatted floor is suitable for moderate intensity use. This provides a cheaper alternative to Tongue and Groove flooring and helps give the building extra ventilation. Premium Tongue and Groove Flooring

Pre-assembled made-to-measure floor, constructed from high-quality tongue and groove boards. It's a convenient option that provides you with additional strength, great for regular, demanding usage. The premium floor is also the most attractive looking option, giving a refined appearance.

Picket Fence Option A

This is the smallest fence option, giving your playhouse added character and only available on smaller buildings. The 2 side fence sections are 1ft11"/586mm wide. The 2 front fence sections are 1ft/293mm wide.

Picket Fence Option B

Another small fence option for added style, only available on larger buildings. The 2 side fence sections are 1ft11"/586mm wide. The 2 front fence sections are also 1ft11"/586mm wide.

Picket Fence Option C

A larger fence option designed for adding extra style and charm, perfect for keeping toys together in one place. When placed on decking, the fence extends 1172mm from the front of the building. Without the decking, the fence extends 1211mm from the front of the building. Only available on smaller buildings.

The 2 side fence sections are 3ft10"/1172mm wide. The 2 front fence sections are 1ft/293mm wide.

Picket Fence Option D

This is the largest picket fence option available, for larger buildings only. Provides an enclosed play space that also helps to keep your garden tidy.

When placed on decking, the fence extends 1172mm from the front of the building. Without the decking, the fence extends 1211mm from the front of the building.

The 2 side fence sections are 3ft10"/1172mm wide. The 2 front fence sections are 1ft11"/586mm wide.

4. Add optional extras

Discover our range of BillyOh accessories that allow you to customise your very own garden building to very last detail.


  • Traditional Cottage Style Design
  • Stable Door and Cottage Windows
  • Window Boxes for added character
  • Strong Tongue & Groove Build
  • Optional Picket Fencing
  • T&G Roof and Floor Included
  • Green Mineral Felt Included
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
Overall Dimensions (Includes Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 1.88m (6ft2)
  • (B) Depth: 1.34m (4ft5)
  • (C) Height: 1.44m (4ft9)


"I was truly impressed with what I received. Exactly what I wanted at the fraction of the price I was expecting to pay, added to this the delivery service was first class. I'll be recommending your service to my friends."

Why you’ll love the

BillyOh Gingerbread Junior Playhouse

Great Value, Traditional Cottage Style

11mm Tongue & Groove Sections
Stable Door
11mm T&G Roof Included
Comprehensive Assembly Instructions
11mm T&G Floor Included
Fixtures and Fittings Included

BillyOh Gingerbread Junior Playhouse Key Features

Central Stable Door

Tongue and Groove

Available in 1 Size

EN71 Compliant

Reverse Apex Building

Their Dream Home

Heavy-Duty Tongue & Groove Build

Charming Picket Fence Options

Increased Headroom

1 Size Available

Beautiful Picket Fence For Extra Play Space

Supplied with Mineral Felt as Standard

And there’s more...

What's Included

  • Picket Fencing
  • Decorative Wooden Window Shapes
  • Trim Colour
  • Wall Colour
  • 11mm T&G Panels
  • 11mm T&G Roof & Floor
  • Mineral Felt
  • Stable Door
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Comprehensive Instructions

Traditional Cottage Style

Traditional Cottage Style

Spacious Play Area

Spacious Play Area

Charming Picket Fence Options

Charming Picket Fence Options

Single Storey Playhouse

Single Storey Playhouse

The Gingerbread Junior is a small, compact playhouse which is perfect for those with smaller gardens. The playhouse has been designed in a traditional cottage style, resembling a cottage from a children's fairytale, and will add a traditional feel to any garden. With a stable door and cottage style windows, the traditional feel is complete. To further enhance the cottage style, picket fence options are available, providing an enclosed outdoor area for your children to enjoy and a place to store toys and keep your garden tidy.

Cottage Style Windows with Window Boxes

The Gingerbread Junior features two fixed windows, on the front of the playhouse, which allow for natural lighting to enter and create a light area for your children to enjoy. The windows are glazed with styrene glazing, a durable and easy to clean alternative to traditional glass.

Underneath the windows are two flower boxes, so you can plant some flowers to make your playhouse look even better, whilst helping your children to learn about gardening by helping to water and look after them!

Cottage Style Windows with Window Boxes
Picket Fence Options

Picket Fence Options

The Gingerbread Junior has a traditional cottage style, and this can be further enhanced with the addition of optional picket fencing. The picket fencing is designed to enhance the traditional feel of the playhouse, whilst also providing an enclosed are which can be used how you and your children require. The picket fencing provides the playhouse with an enclosed outdoor area which your children can play in, whilst it also provides you with an area where toys and other things can be kept; keeping your garden nice and tidy. Available in two different sizes, you can choose the size which is right for your needs and garden.

Spacious and Light Play Space

This playhouse has been designed to provide the best possible indoor area for your children to enjoy, right in the safety of your garden. Available in a sizeable 6ft x 4ft size, the Gingerbread Junior has plenty of space where your children can play, relax and enjoy with their friends. The large floor space of the playhouse means there is lots of space for toys and even furniture to further enhance the space.

Aswell as the large floor space, the Gingerbread Junior has a high apex room, offering generous headroom and further contributing to the generous interior space. The playhouse includes two large windows on the front of the building and a stable door. The windows allow for lots of natural light to get into the playhouse, making it a light area which is ideal for spending long days inside. The stable door can be split, letting more light and fresh air in, which helps to make the interior as comfortable as possible for your children.

Spacious and Light Play Space
Tongue & Groove Construction

Tongue & Groove Construction

Built using Tongue & Groove panels, the Gingerbread Junior has a secure and stable structure which is built to last. The panels interlock, creating a smooth finish which enhances the style of the playhouse. The interlocking Tongue and Grooves form strong panels which create a strong structural strength.

All of our buildings are Spray Treated for transit, but we recommend treating the wood after installation to protect it. Paints are available in a variety of colours, so you can protect your building whilst decorating it in a way which your children will love. Note; Paint is supplied in a tin for application, not pre painted.

Tongue & Groove Floor and Roof with Mineral Felt Covering

Included with the playhouse is an 11mm Tongue and Groove flooring, made using the same technique as the rest of the building. The floor is smooth and durable, providing a solid underfoot for the playhouse which is perfect for domestic use.

Also included with the Gingerbread Junior is a T&G Roof with Green Mineral Felt covering. The roof has the same cladding as the floor and rest of the playhouse, creating one strong and stable structure. The roof is very hard-wearing and designed to protect the playhouse from harsh weather conditions and any falling debris, without being compromised and damaging the inside of the playhouse.

For increased protection, Green Mineral Felt is included. The felt is watertight and durable, proving a weatherproof covering for the roof which protects it from weather damage.

Tongue & Groove Floor and Roof with Mineral Felt Covering
Warnings and Recommendations

Warnings and Recommendations


1) For domestic use only

2) Outdoor use only

3) Not suitable for children under 36 months

4) Maximum user weight is 50kg

Safety recommendations

1) Adult assembly is required minimum of 2 people.

2) Children require adult supervision when using this product.

3) This product is safety tested to British standards BS-EN71 for domestic use.

4) A minimum clearance of 2m from obstructions or structures is recommended.

5) Building is assembled on a level surface with a minimum clearance of 2m from obstructions or structures.

Dimensions 6 x 4
Width 187.8cm
Depth 133.9cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 104.5cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 143.9cm
Width (Internal) 181.4cm
Depth (Internal) 117.2cm
Eaves Height (Internal) 100.6cm
Ridge Height (Internal) 139.1cm
Window Dimensions 42.6cm x 44.5cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 58.6cm x 94.1cm
Frame Thickness (w x d) 2.8cm x 2.8cm
Materials 6 x 4
Glazing Material Styrene
Roof Material Tongue & Groove
Floor Material Tongue & Groove
Roof Covering Material Green Mineral Felt
Features 6 x 4
Whats in the Box? Instructions, Felt & Fixings Supplied
Windows 2 fixed front windows
Door: 1 x Stable Door
Decking No
BillyOh Range: 4000
Suitable Age Range: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove
Locking System Magnetic Safety Catch
Factory Basecoat Treatment Red Cedar Water Based Treatment for Transit
Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes
Safety Approved EN71 - For Domestic Use Only
Max User Weight g
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.