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BillyOh Partner Eco Pent Roof Metal Shed

A Compact, Galvanised Steel Shed With a Pent-Style Roof

Optional Foundation Kit Available
All Fixings and Screws Supplied
Assembly Instruction Materials

BillyOh Partner Eco Pent Roof Metal Shed Key Features

Low Cost & Corrosion-Resistant

Central Sliding Double Doors

Windowless for Privacy

Tough Galvanised Steel Coating

Easy Installation

Ideal for Everyday Storage Needs

0.33mm Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel Panels for Enhanced Durability

Plenty of Storage Capacity

Available in 2 Sizes

Supplied Vents for Added Air Circulation

Windowless with Lockable Door Handles

Supplied Roof Matches The Side Panels

Floor Options are Available

Green and White Colour Scheme Used

And there’s more

What's Included

  • Optional Steel Foundation Kit
  • Ground Anchoring Kit
  • BillyOh Partner Eco Pent Roof Metal Shed
  • Fixings and Screws
  • Assembly Instruction Manual

Sloping Pent Roof for Protection

Sloping Pent Roof for Protection

Popular Galvanised Steel Form

Popular Galvanised Steel Form

Multi-Purpose Garden Shed

Multi-Purpose Garden Shed

Ideal Garden Storage Shed

Ideal Garden Storage Shed

When it comes to garden storage needs, the BillyOh ECO Pent Metal Shed lives up to functionality and beyond. It comes in a sizeable storage space that could fit in small to medium-sized garden tools and equipment.

The 8x4 size of the Partner Eco is perfect for storing away all of your garden essentials, tools and childrens toys. The shed is both secure and spacious, making it ideal to store away bikes and mowers.

This metal shed reinvents the traditional use and aesthetic appeal of the shipping structure right in your own backyard. It’s a sure way to add character into a homely garden and the green finish looks great, complimenting any garden.

Sloping Pent-Roof Styling

The one-way sloping roof feature gives this metal garden shed more reasons to love about. If you’re using your shed simply for storage, the pent roof allows you considerable headroom to enter into and move around your storage shed. All you need is to get things as organised as they may along the back and sides of the shed’s interior.

And that’s not all. If this pent roof-style shed is rightly positioned, rain, snow, and even falling debris will not only run off nicely into a gutter, but saves you from the inconvenience of regularly cleaning up, too. Fitting it next to a boundary or fence and worry less about tidying up.

Sloping Pent-Roof Styling
Low-Maintenance Steel Shed

Low-Maintenance Steel Shed

Gardening have its own cause for some stresses, so it pays to have garden sheds that will not add up to your disappointment. Take this metal shed. The BillyOH Partner ECO Pent Shed comes in a quality thin gauge, hot dipped galvanised steel which does not easily bend to common metal structure problems like rust or corrosion. The added strength brought about by its roll-form with deep ribs eliminates the need to persistently check on the storage structure.

Maintain the steel shed with regular dusting and light scrubbing of collected dust, and serious damages and dents will likely hold off from appearing soon.

Air Vents Installed

When it comes to metal garden sheds, the heat building inside the structure tops as one of the common grievances of shed owners. Ventilation allows the breeze to circulate into the storage shed, giving owners a good amount of fresh air whilst working from the inside.

The general majority would know that air vents take care of good air circulation in an enclosed space. But in the eyes of our building experts, the air vents are important for thermal comfort or dehumidification.

Air Vents Installed
Steel Foundation Kit Option

Steel Foundation Kit Option

The BillyOh Partner ECO Pent Roof Metal Shed offers the option of an easy assembly Steel Foundation Kit which you can use on any level surface, such as soil, concrete or paving slabs.

Assemble this shed on a pre-cut foundation kit for a perfect square base.

Fast & Easy Assembly

The BillyOh Partner ECO Pent Roof Metal Shed comes with a comprehensive manual that makes shed assembly as easy as possible.

Fixings are also included for a stress-free installation and also saves money you would spend on hiring someone to build it for you! This fantastic low cost shed doesn’t compromise on quality.

Fast & Easy Assembly
Roof Included

Roof Included

A roof included with the BillyOh Partner ECO Pent Roof Metal Shed.

But this is not an ordinary roof. The metal is infused and coated with a protective layer of zinc. Zinc is an element that repels rust. This means you will not worry about your metal shed rusting.

Galvanised Panels

Weather is unpredictable. Each steel panel must be reinforced in a way they would withstand any possible weather change.

Partner ECO Pent Roof Metal Shed panels are galvanised to ensure enhanced longevity and added protection against elements.

Galvanised Panels
A Spacious All-arounder

A Spacious All-arounder

The BillyOh Partner ECO Pent Roof Metal Shed comes in different sizes.When erected in your garden, it is hard not to say that it is, indeed, and all-arounder.

Ideal for storage of garden tools and equipment, it can also be a workshop or a mini garage where you tune motorbikes.

Dimensions 6 x 4 8 x 4
Width 203.1cm 263cm
Depth 123.6cm 123.6cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 159.8cm 164.8cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 176cm 181cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 86cm x 155cm 106cm x 160cm
Width (Internal) 187.6cm 247.6cm
Depth (Internal) 104cm 104cm
Materials 6 x 4 8 x 4
Floor Material Optional Optional
Roof Material Galvanised Steel Galvanised Steel
Features 6 x 4 8 x 4
Shed Colour Green Green
Colour Green Green
Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes Yes
Roof Style Pent Pent
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.